Loan Modification Professionals

Why you can trust us to help with your home loan modification.

Loan Modification Professionals

You've had more than your share of difficulties the last few months.

That's a given. It probably did not help much to know that the lenders have all but stopped offering loan modifications to people like yourself who are facing foreclosure.

We are also not going to sit here and say that you are not in this boat alone and that there are thousands of folks all over the valley in the same shape as you are in.

You don't want to hear that because honestly, right now, your situation is all that matters to you!

What we will say is that WE understand that YOU need a second chance.

It does not matter why you have come to the point where you are right now.

What does matter is that we are willing to look at your situation and see if we can't give you that second chance that you have been waiting for.

If your situation is one that we would be interested in working on (and the majority of them are), we can make it so that you;

- Stay in your home.
- Have payments that you can easily afford.
- Own your home in less time than you would have before.

Please don't mistake this for some fly by night business that hides behind an internet address at some location somewhere in the US or beyond.

We are a solid, real company that deals only with individuals in Maricopa County.

You will not be asked to pay some outrageous upfront fees or application fees for us to look at your situation (as a matter of fact NONE).

We are simply looking to help homeowners that are tired of facing these struggles alone.

Believe it or not, there are people willing and able to give you a second chance.

Take some time and look around our site and don't hesitate to call us so that we can look at your individual situation.


We Are Looking To Partner With Loan Modification Professionals...

It's no big news to anyone, especially professionals such as yourself, that the banks/lenders have stopped most all of their loan modification programs.

What was once a solid industry for many loan modification professionals has now become a memory.

So, what are you, as a loan modification professional supposed to do with the pipeline of foreclosure- facing homeowners that were waiting on a loan modification to save their home?

What is it you should do with the flood of individuals coming in on the advertising that you already had in place, not to mention all of the networking that you have in place that is continuing to bring you in new potential clients?

The answer is, BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!

You know as well as we do that there is no true end in site to the unfortunate folks that can no longer handle their payments.

These people may not be in an ARM type product, but their income may no longer be able to support their payments.

These folks are everywhere and you do not need the bank to modify anything...

You simply need to partner with us.

We are looking to partner with you so that you can not only continue to do the work that you were doing, but make even more money for your efforts.

- They do not need to move.
- They do not need to have the shame associated with foreclosure.
- Their families can stay put where they are at.
- No more harassing calls from the bank.

Keep your marketing going too.

We will gladly work with any clients that you have.

If you get in touch with us, we can let you in on more of how our system works, pricing sweet spots and more.

We want to kep working to truly assist the families of the valley of the sun here in Maricopa county. Help us to help your clients and yourself. Let's make it a win-win-win situation all the way around.

For immediate information, call Chris Hughes at (623) 628-0057

If you have a pipeline full of clients, let's chat.

Let's see if we can't get the bank to accept a short sale (or buy the note directly from the bank itself) and then we can modify your clients home on our own.

What Customers Say...

I must say that this company has given the American dream to more families than I can count. We need more companies like this! Great job to the management at RPIM.

Brandon Brammer

Professional, honest comapny that provided me the opportunity to purchase a house with less than stellar credit. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a rent-to-own!

Franki Catania