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Why you can trust us for your rent to own home!

Our Story

www.azinvest.org is owned and operated by Residential Property & Investment Management llc (RPIM).

Before you look at doing any type of business with us, we would like you to learn our story, know more about us, and see what it is that we do.

To understand how much we are different from the traditional real estate investing and property management firm, you just have to look at the owners of the firm itself, Chris Hughes and Rusty Catania

Individually, both men were successful before their partnering in 2008;

For 13 years, Chris has been a successful Real Estate investor in the Greater Phoenix Arizona market acquiring and selling multiple millions of dollars in real estate.

The true testament to Chris overall success is the tremendous respect that he has from his peers, professionals in the industry and the many families that he has assisted in realizing their dream of home ownership.

More insight to Chris industry knowledge and “people first” mantra is that while the Phoenix Real Estate market took a huge hit in the mid 2000's, which forced many investors who grew their businesses on greed out of the industry, Chris business grew and prospered.

For 20 years, Rusty has been a licensed electrical contractor specializing as a new residential electrical contractor. Rusty not only understands the electrical aspects of a home, but the overall structure and condition of a home.

Rusty was a highly sought after professional in the Maricopa County (Phoenix) area with industry builders and rehab investors.

These industry professional sought out Rusty due to his honesty and integrity as much as they did his masterful knowledge in the field.

This industry respect also allowed Rusty to form deep, long lasting relationships that benefit RPIM to this day.

When the two of these men decided to become a team in 2008, they brought the existing portfolio that Chris had amassed and added 50+ properties and a thriving property management division in less than 36 months.

Not only did they concentrate on buying, rehabbing, and offering these homes to people that could not traditionally qualify for a home, but they added credit restoration and money management as a free service for the new home owners.

While, the way they operated business was wildly successful for themselves, as well as the many families they assisted, they always looked for the next opportunity to assist people in Maricopa County while following their “people first” mantra. This happened within the foreclosure industry.

They realized that lenders were no longer offering to modify the loans of individuals facing foreclosure.

With this knowledge, they began to purchase the homes directly from the bank allowed the home owner to stay in their home, and allow the home owner to easily handle the new lower payment and the extremely lower payoff amount.

They still assist the homeowner in credit restoration and budgeting assistance. This new process has skyrocketed the amount of people they are able to assist on a monthly basis.

The process of how they assist individuals all over Maricopa county continues each and every day.

They are helping literally hundreds of individuals on a monthly basis stay in their homes, reestablish their pride of home ownership, and help to get rid of the stress related to the banks hounding them for money that they just do not have.

Chris and Rusty both constantly ask that anyone that is upside down on their mortgage or that look to not be able to handle their payments to contact them immediately so that they can show you a way out of the trying times that you are facing.

What Customers Say...

I must say that this company has given the American dream to more families than I can count. We need more companies like this! Great job to the management at RPIM.

Brandon Brammer

Professional, honest comapny that provided me the opportunity to purchase a house with less than stellar credit. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a rent-to-own!

Franki Catania